2019 Speakers


Nael Alismail

Nael is an engineering leader who prides himself on building and mentoring diverse teams, including men and women, juniors and seniors, backend devs and frontend devs, and everything in between.Growing up in Birmingham, AL, Nael has experienced the damage caused by discrimination, as well as the strengths created by inclusion. He's gained lots of influence from his family, who encouraged him to go into engineering and build a technical career. Nael grew that into a great profession, developing software for 15 years. His accomplishments include a Master's degree in software engineering, architecting software, leading teams, and running a company as the CTO of The Labz.Nael's vast experience has encouraged him to give even more to the community to help others grow their careers. He works to build strong ecosystems in tech with a foundation of psychological safety for all. Contact: hi at nael dot io @naelyall

Forging a Path Through Inclusive Entrepreneurship